SAM2SAM Deaf Care Services Ltd was established in 2013 to offer high standards of personal care, reliability and friendly service to clients, aged 18 and over, who are deaf or hard of hearing living in their own home and require a little extra help and support to live independently in their communities. We are a private, independent agency not linked to any other organisation of a similar name.

All our staff are fully qualified and have regular refresher courses. We are a committed team and have full DBS checks.

Aims and Objectives

SAM2SAM Deaf Care Services Ltd aims to lead the way in the provision of flexible home care services for deaf or hard of hearing people and their loved ones requiring extra support to continue living in familiar surroundings in comfort at home. From help cooking and cleaning, to prompting with medication or shopping, our friendly carers offer dependable and personalised domiciliary care with the added bonus of the ability to communicate in sign language which is something SAM2SAM Deaf Care Services Ltd are very proud of and view as added value to the quality of service we deliver.

As well as being a private company, we also operate our business as a social enterprise organisation offering members of the community who also have a hearing disability, the opportunity to secure meaningful employment with us. Through the provision of specialised training and development workshops. And in return, our employees will be skilled, competent and equipped to provide a service that not only meets but also exceeds customer satisfaction and expectations whilst providing quality and value for money services. Our highly focused and qualified team are dedicated to providing service users with integrated care and support services, from initial enquiries through to the delivery and staged withdrawal of services where we are no longer required.

Utilising our in-depth knowledge, skills and experience with the coordination and delivery of home packages we can confidently support and advise potential and existing customers on the most suitable service or home care package tailored to meet their specific requirements.

Vision and Values

To provide customers with a personalised and high quality care and support service which enables them to maintain the highest standards of comfort in their home and involvement in the community with a focus on identifying positive resources and personal priorities fundamental to achieving an enhanced quality of life and whereby customers are supported to achieve their full capabilities with lesser long-term needs for care or services support.


  • To deliver the best specialist person centred approach to care support in the country through a strong, experienced and qualified team driven by its diversity, expertise and innovation.
  • To Respect the dignity and human rights of individuals through championing and campaigning for their right to independence.
  • Using our passion and expertise to support people to live fulfilling lives.
  • Working with communities to be successful and inclusive.
  • Promoting a socially inclusive environment.


  • Our customers are at the heart of our activities.
  • We value and respect customer choice and preference.
  • We are committed to delivering excellent services.
  • We are open, honest and flexible.
  • We take personal responsibility for achieving successful outcomes.
  • We value and celebrate diversity.
  • We are accountable and committed to delivering value for money.

Services Provided

SAM2SAM provides personal care and support for adults. Support staff employed by SAM2SAM will provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Dressing
  • Personal Care
  • Budgeting/Money Management
  • Meal Preparation
  • Prompting with Medication
  • Social Outings
  • Shopping
  • Attending Religious Centres

Service Users Needs

We work hard to promote individual service users rights, independence, choice and inclusion to enable disadvantaged people to have as much choice and control as possible over their lives through advocacy and a person centred approach to planning the services and support they need. Our Philosophy of care is based on the following values:

  • Dignity: To respect, value and support in a manner that will affirm individuality and comply with specific needs and preferences. SAM2SAM Deaf Care Services acknowledges the uniqueness of each person and respects their opinion and beliefs.
  • Independence: To encourage each person to take the opportunity to act without reference to another person in undertaking risks to themselves, within the context of regard for people.
  • Choice: To enable people to affirm individual choice of lifestyle and decision making about their own lives.
  • Rights: To enable people to take up the right of all entitlements and responsibilities associated with citizenship and to support them in their role as integral members of the community.
  • Fulfilment: To offer support in all aspects of daily life and to assist each person to realise their own personal aspirations.
  • Empowerment: Having increased control over your own life, having information with which to make choices, be listened to and be responded according to what has been said; appropriate sharing of power.

All SAM2SAM staff will understand and operate this philosophy

Personal care is provided to meet specific needs with recognition of individual preferences. Family, friends and/or advocates will be given the opportunity for.

Involvement in person centred planning. A comfortable atmosphere will be maintained and people will be encouraged to lead as inclusive a way of life as possible, according to their choices.


SAM2SAM is committed to service user involvement including consulting on all customer-facing policies. Service Users are encouraged to feed back on the services provided by SAM2SAM. During individual care or support sessions, service users are asked about any aspect of service delivery. Each new Service Users is issued with our Service User Guide, which details how we consult and how they can get involved through providing feedback.

Reviews of Services

All service users a care and/or plans are developed with the service user to promote that individual’s well-being. The individual’s views, wishes, feelings and beliefs are valued by SAM2SAM who recognised the importance of beginning with the assumption that the individual is best-placed to judge the individual’s well-being and in line with the Care Act 2014.

All Care and/or Support Plans and Risk Assessments are reviewed on a 3-monthly basis or more frequently if required and are recorded on a central database as well as being filed securely.

Meet Our Team

Samira Abbas Founder

Samira Abbas is Qualified in BSL Level 3 and has worked supporting deaf people within and out of the social housing sector for the last 10 years. She is also qualified in Health & Social Care and Child Care...

Hours of Operation

The office is open Monday - Friday 09:00 – 18:00

Office telephone number: 014 4226 1633.

There is also an emergency out of hours telephone number. 07534715114 Support staff will work on a shift system and staffing levels will be specifically geared to meet your needs.

Samira Abbas Founder

Samira Abbas is Qualified in British Sign Language Level 3 and has worked supporting deaf people within and out of the social housing sector for the last 10 years. She is also qualified in Health & Social Care and Child Care. Samira has a wealth of knowledge from working within the deaf and the care industry. Samira decided to set up SAM2SAM Deaf Care Services in order to help campaign and push for deaf people to have the same level of Care and attention as those with hearing who require similar care services.

Through her own experiences, Samira realised that the care service currently offered to the deaf is rare, often inadequate and very costly. It is also one of the services least communicated about or advertised in communities Samira’s main goal was and is to provide a professional affordable service for members of our communities that she recognises as having been overlooked or forgotten within their community with poor or a lack of Communication being a key factor.

Care Quality Comission (CQC) Rating

The Care Quality Commission are independent regulators of health and social care in England.

They ensure health and social care services are provided to people with safe, effective, compassionate and high quality care.

They monitor, inspect and regulate services to ensure they meet fundmental standards of quality and safety, and they publish their findings, which includes performance ratings.

Please see the CQC performance rating and report for Sam2Sam Deaf Care Service Ltd below: